Lorraine Sherry.ie | Bio
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Lorraine Sherry lives in Loughshinny, Co. Dublin.

Always an observer of light and form, her passion for painting began in 2015 while attending Dave West’s Art Classes. She is currently honing her observation skills through Still life, En Plein Air and Life Drawing. Lorraine is an active member of ‘The Boathouse Painters’ group.

In 2016 Lorraine was the winner of the ART WAVES people’s choice. As a result, she held a very successful solo exhibition in Skerries Mills, 2017.

Lorraine, a qualified and award winning photographer, has been working in RTÉ for the past 20 years.
She manages the Rostrum studio which specialises in artistic lighting and filming of special effects and animations.

Having worked on many documentaries, utilising visual effects as a narrative. This emphasis on lighting and its ability to define shape and personality of a subject is very evident in Lorraine’s painting.

At present her work is being considered for domestic and international representation, but in the interim, Lorraine Sherry’s natural ability with either charcol or paint brush, ensures that she is always producing strong art for her audience.